Thursday, March 11, 2010

Grey Lights: The Dudley Corporation  | Music Video

The good chaps that comprise The Dudley Corporation, have a new album out this week.
It's called Everyone Does Everything Wrong  and it's a smasher!

They asked for a quick , fun, music video so I put this together.

(Stars Charlotte Gardiner -Thanks Charlotte! - whom you can glimpse in the short film Good Girl posted down below there)



It's a sad film, but one for all the dog people.


If you liked this and wish to throw a buck or two towards a new movie then buy or rent a copy on
Indie Reign .


Good Girl is now available to rent or buy for a buck or so. I will post a free copy at a later date but if you feel like supporting my next short for less than the cost of a soda or coffee please play the trailer below and follow the links to buy/rent at the end. Ta.


Poster art for newly finished short film Good Girl .

Good Girl art work

"September's New Mound" - Music Video For LARGE MOUND.

STILL FROM "THE ROW" - video soon.

STILL FROM "Good Girl" - video soon.